DPO Job Description Template

The DPO job description template will help you.

It is important to identify the new data protection officer for your company. If you don’t find it within your company, you should find the right person. But who can actually become a DPO, what qualifications and how much experience should they have in the business?


DPO Job description template 1

The GDPR (Art. 37) offers some guidance on the matter, but the level of expertise of a DPO is not expressed. However, it should be in accordance with the complexity of the job, the amount of data processed within the organization and more. Furthermore, the more complex the processing activities, the more expertise the DPO should have.

The professional qualities of a DPO are also not expressed, although it is obvious that a good DPO should have knowledge of national and European laws and a very good understanding of the theme. Basic expertise in the business area of the organization might be helpful as well.

The Art. 38 (3) states that the most important one is great job security. The company cannot penalize the DPO for performing their tasks. They report only to the highest management level and they must not receive instructions regarding the exercise of their tasks.