The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced important challenges

Those challenges are very important in terms of data processing, security, privacy and access. Failure to comply could result in being fined up to € 20 million.

An overview of GDPR in 2:20 min: short, clear and transparent, just as we like it.

Our complete toolkit contains all the documents, tools and templates you need to make your organisation or business GDPR compliant.

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Some of the challenges GDPR imposes to a typical SME or startup include:

Implied consent

Consent must be given through a clear affirmative action, such as clicking an opt-in box or choosing settings or preferences on a settings menu. Simply visiting a site doesn’t count as consent.

Cookie Message

"By using this site, you accept cookies" messages are also not sufficient for the same reasons. If there is no genuine and free choice, then there is no valid consent.

Withraw Consent

It must be as easy to withdraw consent as it is to give it. If organisations want to tell people to block cookies if they don’t give their consent, they must make them accept cookies first.


Even after getting valid consent, sites must give people the option to opt-out. Users must be able to return to the initial settings where they give their consent and adjust their preferences.

Digidly offer in detail:

Meet Jack (left) and Dylan (right): both own an SME both need to make it GDPR compliant both have no idea on how to do that
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GDPR is complex and complicated... Jack decides to approach it alone by asking, reading, googling and figuring out his needs Dylan instead goes directly to, and follow the step-by-step roadmap with the necessary things to do
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While for Jack things get complicated, Dylan is singing like no one is listening Jack tries creating some documents, talk to his lawyer and IT guy... but, in the end, get in touch with a GDPR specialised firm to elucidate the matter Dylan finds it all on Digidly: download the already made templates for each necessary step, personalise them, follow the roadmap and solve his problem in a blink of an eye!
Two approaches, two distant conclusions.... Jack is still confused as he received the fish rather than learning how to fish, he also spent a lot of time and money on expensive lawyer firms and risked being caught not compliant by GDPR authorities. Dylan spent less money, got all the needed documents and spent dramatically less time dealing with external partners! Check our Shop!

We offer document templates for:

Document templates that introduce you to the GDPR:
  • GDPR employee presentation
  • Template to keep organised the responsible people
  • The training policy
  • Data protection officer job description
  • Data protection authorities list (EU)
Document templates to prepare your company for GDPR:
  • Data inventory map
  • A generic data privacy policy
  • A specific data privacy policy for website
  • Privacy notice
  • Data protection by design and by default guide
  • Readiness letter for your partner
  • The readiness prove list
  • Data subject access request policy
  • Data subject access request form
Here the document templates for the most important phase:
  • Consumer’s rights under the GDPR
  • Data subject consent withdrawal form
  • Data Privacy Impact Acess (DPIA) guide
  • DPIA privacy impact assessment short version
  • DPIA privacy impact assessment long version
  • Data breach policy
  • Data breach register
  • Data breach report
  • GDPR roles and responsibilities
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