What about Brexit and GDPR?

So we are seeing much confusion at the moment in the UK, especially about what does Brexit mean and it’s actually incredibly simple. Brexit doesn’t change a thing for UK organizations. It doesn’t change a thing for anyone.

GDPR is now in UK law, so the UK, because of the 1972 act of becoming part of the EU, European laws have precedence over the UK.


brexit and gdpr digidly

How Brexit Affects GDPR?

Essentially all these EU laws that apply to the UK now are going to be converted into UK law. They’re complete mirroring. So we’re going to create replicas of every single one. The only differences when the kind of EU GDPR gets converted into the UK, GDPR will we move some of the EU references and we write them to be the UK much in like a find and replace for EU to become the UK now. So, post-Brexit, we will have exactly the same laws in place. We don’t need to worry about it at all. The only thing we just don’t know what it’s going to be named. You know, you can’t be called GDPR so maybe it will be GDPR Nextgen.

There are really two types of financial penalties people need to be aware of. And the first one everyone is hearing about the second one, no one’s thinking about at all. So, the first one is the administrative fines. So, these administrative fines are the find sat out inside the GDPR itself where the regulator within a country can penalize you for non-compliance. And the current maximum within GDPR is 4% of the global annual revenue of your parent company. So in the case of Google, that’s three and a half billion dollars for non-compliance. This is big, big stuff.